iMIDIPatchbay - Can't sync dropbox

I have restored in my new iPad Pro the app but can't sync dropbox for backup or import PFD.
I have tried to remove the link to iMidipatchbay app in my dropbox account and remove and install again the app in the iPad but the dropbox status is always "offline" even if I am surely connected to Internet.
Is there anybody who faced, and hopefully solved this problem?


  • Also the global shift seems not working anymore, maybe are issues related to iOS 11?

  • I don't have iMIDIPatchbay but looking at the version history, I don't see anything about updating the dropbox sdk. Dropbox changed something or other with their SDK last year that most apps had to add a fix/update for.

    Not sure if @JohannesD is still around much but you might try emailing him to ask. He's always been very responsive. Support email is on the very bottom of

  • I have sent an email to Johannes, faithfully waiting his support.
    Thanks for your reply

  • It looks like this app is going to be dropped from the developer basket.
    No reply from users, means: very few users today. No replies from the developer means to me: he is not going to continue to update the app at future.
    It is a pity even because Midiflow in my opinion is the best app available today for some scopes an iMidipatchbay GUI with Midiflow behind encapsulated in one app is a dream to me.
    But I believe that the developer have preferred to marry audiobus at the moment to use its commercial leverage and wider visibility instead of developing an all round product as I was dreaming.

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