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BeatMaker update

Can someone explain to me what's in it? I don't get it.


  • I was also going to ask the same question. Back to other forums to have a look :-)

  • The update mentions some rendering glitch on 5S, could be that

  • I haven't had chance to use the update from last week yet! :-)

  • There's a whole load more of those astronomically expensive sample packs too..

  • I've had a love hate relationship,with Beatmaker 2 in the past and I think its Devs have worked really hard to iron out as many bugs as possible,with frequent updates.So now I'm proud to say this has finally matured and become a very useful DAW well done Intua.

  • I agree, really good and I'm loving the new sound packs.

  • I'm a big fan of BM2 as well, but i still can't figure out whats in this last udpate. It defintely doesn't include the ability to delete sound banks, which honestly seems like something that should take about 7 total minutes to add to the product.

  • edited November 2013

    Agreed. It's still really, really bloated with the crap sounds. I think that once they make a way to allow me to delete the default sounds, I'll be ready to look at it again and reassess how I feel about it. I agree that it has good sampling (both chromatic and drum) capabilities, which are unmatched in the iOS realm, but bloat keeps me from using it. I'm so cramped as it is on my iPad. My DAWs of choice are Cubasis and Auria, but I wouldn't mind having Beatmaker 2 on my tablet for other utility purposes--they've just got to shrink the size by allowing us to get rid of the junk.......

  • @boone51 the latest update opens up paid sound packs through IAP. There were many new features in the last update including IAA.

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