OT- Green screen keying in LumaFusion!!!!!!! Yaaayyyyyy!!!!!

Great new LumaFusion update, green/blue screen keying, cropping, drag and drop & quite a few other updates and fixes. Loving that it has Keying support, great start, just needs some feathering for the edges and a couple other things, but loving the update.



  • Cropping! Finally! I'm stoked! Thank you, Strizbiz!

  • @theconnactic said:
    Cropping! Finally! I'm stoked! Thank you, Strizbiz!

    IKR, and you can keyframe the cropping ranges!!! They knocked this one out of the park!!

  • I already use it much more than final cut, since it has the magnetic timeline we love as well, instead of ugly Premiere/Vegas-styled video tracks, and it's so convenient because iPad and multitouch! But since the iPads are becoming powerhouses now, hopefully they will allow for "unlimited" layers (meaning as much as the iPad can handle), third-party FX (i'd buy them as IAPs if it's the case) and, more necessary than anything right now for workflow - for it's one of the few shortcomings of most touch apps for not having it yet - the ability of typing the parameter values directly in the iPad's keyboard when needed.

  • I got LumaFusion a couple of weeks ago and as someone who had previously used imovie, pinnacle etc this is sooo much easier, much more creative and not a bit frustrating. One of my favorite apps, the devs are profesional, responsive and the tutorials excellent. I would say to anyone still using any other ios video editor, Why????
    If your in any doubt just get the $5 LumaFX (which you get back if you buy Fusion) and see if you dont just love it.

  • Because pinnacle is easier (if only because i already know how to use it).

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    I used to use Adobe Premiere Elements on my Macbook, but pretty much hated every minute of it. LumaFusion is better in every way except it doesn’t have video stabilization. Adobe stabilization worked well but was slow and frustrating to use. I currently use Emulsio on iPad, it’s hit or miss. Regardless, Lumafusion is the most enjoyable and intuitive video editor I’ve used.

  • seamless looping on the cropping???

  • I wish they would optimize rendering for new A10X and especially for A11 processors, My 5 year old Windows machine stil is 3x as fast with rendering movies than LumaFusion while on paper my ipAd 10.5 and iPhone 8 Plus should easily render it much faster. For me rendertime is the keyfactor while editing video movies.

  • I find trimming and moving audio clips around independently of video to be an unusable mess in Pinacle. It is vague as to where the audio clips are actually moving to and it seems to auto snap them to the beginning of the timeline if you are somewhat close to it. Bloody annoying.

    I assume Luma does not have this issue but I have yet find a YouTube video showing it. Lots of jabbering about misc awesome though.

  • Alrighty, decided to jump into Lumafusion and all is well. The audio and video slicing, trimming, moving etc is quick, precise and solid. The volume automation is nice too. Very cool app and I am probably done with Premiere now.

  • this is a good song.... corny video, but... musically.... I can't hate

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