Noodling Doodling and Snoodling - demo of SP Pro / Syntronik w/ Cubasis Piano.

Been going through and organizing all my old recordings , looking for originals that I need to work on and eventually finish .
This one I'm sharing is definitely not original --just generic chord progressions, playing and doodling about with SP Pro ... Just thought it's an OK Demo of the App, which I find great for creating rich textures - especially linked up with an app like Syntronik ...
It's definitely fun to play around with -- just a little too constraining for the stuff I'm usually working on.

p.s. I have SO much to learn , I often think I'm overloading my noodle trying to cram too much in at once. Trying to expand my piano to a competent level, , beginner guitar, theory, Reason 10, etc so I can polish and get the music I'm excited about out there.


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