Chinese Blocs saxes loops version

edited January 12 in Creations


I’ve made this version of Chinese Blocs with some saxophone loops.

Some words about setup: everything is recorded live with AB/AUM loopy apps. I use two versions of Loopy: universal for instrumental loops and iPhone only for live sax loops, this allow for extended midi triggering and mixing options. The sax has Ddmf 6144, VoiceRack Fx, Fac chorus, Blamsoft reverb, Dubstation 2, Ddmf NY compressor, and is routed to loopy and master. I use a blueboard pedalboard to trigger instrumental loops, record sax loops, change pitch effects, and a M-Audio expression pedal for Dubstation delay mix variations. Voicerack fx allow for pitch effect like baritone sax or chords. Everything is recorded live in AUM in one stereo file with no post treatment, with iPhone 7 Plus, irig Pro io interface and irig mic studio xlr. Initial instrumental loops are made with Blocs wave.

I plan to play this live.


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