Rozeta help - control pitch in Rozeta Collier with Rozeta LFO?

@brambos Bram - is there a way to assign one of the LFOs to the pitch control in Collider? Spent some time on this and can't seem to work it out. Hosting in AUM.



  • I would like to know how to have the LFO to control the "generate" switch in Collider.
    But I don't think rozeta accept incoming midi.

  • They do accept incoming midi - notes only atm - to transpose or switch patterns. But as it is none of the AUs parameters available to the host to alter/automate them.

  • So currently you can't automate any parameter - except transpose and pattern switch - of the suite from controller/any midi sender, the only way to alter them is by touch input.

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    Thats annoying :smiley:

    But thanks recccp!

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