PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Video..DrumJam running through Voice Synth...Vocoded Drums..very cool

This sounds great, I ran DrumJam thru Voice Synth..vocoding the drum loop section of DrumJam...of corse the very cool thing about using DrumJam for this is the ability to route either the loop or the hand area through an effect in I vocoded the loop and played the hand persussion clean..


  • Nice find Doug.
    How do you do the separate routing thing.
    Never tried that b4.

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  • Cheers for the vid Doug!
    Will Arctic Pro be able to do the same thing here?

  • Yeah...anything you can use as an imput you can run through voice synth because it's been used in the effect slot...@commonstookie I know I only found it just before I made the AB then open the input slot, find to DrumJam is a little arrow..hit that and it will give you three option, first is main output, all of DJ go' through the effect and the next two options are either loops or pads..I thought that was very clever..

  • I was actually thinking about the vocoder in Arctic Pro!

  • Ahh sorry...if you can use Arctic Pro in the effects slot in AB then yeah you could..

  • @Kloon just can't..

  • k, thanks for checking! :)

  • Thanks Doug.Never noticed that b4.

  • Congrats and thanks. Very interesting!

  • Cool idea, thanks for sharing.

  • Very cool!

    There are definitely other apps that use the AB multiple input/output options, it's just easy to miss them because you won't see that blue disclosure arrow in the connection list unless the app is already running when you go to select the slot.

  • Safely watched this one because I already own both. :) Sounds awesome! It's actually my main use for voice synth - putting drums through it.

    The voice synth dev has a user videos page and I'm sure he'd be glad to have this one. Maybe send him an email?

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