System Audio Input/Output

iPad Air 2: I want to mix playing in Amplitube with an audio file playing in Music App. I expected that I could control volume of Music App with AB's Mixer independant from the main system volume but no luck yet.

I thought that is what System Audio Input/Output are for but I really don't understand what AB is doing.
Don't know if I need an additional app to input audio in AB or this can be done with the Music App (not AB compatible).

Any pointers to prev. discussions covering basics of AB and system audio would be appreciated. I don't understand how AB works and the Help files are not elementary enough for me.


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    Probably not the only solution, and perhaps not what you want to hear, but you could extract the file form the Music app (via iTunes on PC/Mac) and send it to a Daw on your iPad (GarageBand/Auria etc). Within this daw you can control the volume levels.

  • bismark Music2Bus by bismark LLC

    Will let you play items from your iTunes music library in Audiobus. So will many dj apps.

  • Thanks, Marcel & Bianca. I had been looking at Bismark and bought it. It looks exactly what I need.

  • Anybody know of a way to get stuff into Music app without iTunes on a computer? With just one iPad?

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