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Alchemy Synth: Lags and Popping Sound

Just wanted to get some insight from Alchemy Synth owners. I have had the free version for a few months but never updated to the Pro version due to audio problems in the synth. Seems like there is noticeable lag when i switch presets, as well as a popping sound whenever i change parameters in the synth while a sequence is playing. I'm on an iPad 4 so CPU power shouldn't be an issue. Just wondering if other folks have seen the same behavior and if the Pro update makes anything smoother.


  • I have experienced this with my iPad 2. As for the long loading times, remember that this synth is sample based and the patches are very large (many of them at least), so the load times are to be expected for a lot of patches. However, I've had problems with popping and clicking too. For me, I have be able to reduce this by upping the latency. It hasn't completely fixed everything, and I have just assumed that this was because I use an iPad 2. However, I would have thought an iPad 4 would be plenty sufficient...... strangely, I can't get decent internal recordings from it, but if I use Audiobus and a DAW, I seem to be OK. I can't explain that one........ I love Alchemy though, and hope some update fixes or improves things. :-)

  • Thanks for the input. That's what has kept me from spending $15 on the synth. All the sounds are amazing but i need to know that it's not going to randomly throw in audio glitches if i use it for recording. Shame.

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    I can confirm this too. But i just have clicks when i change presets or when another app is running in the background. However, Alchemy is my favourite synth by a country mile and this app is 16GB big at the moment (Over 3000 presets ;)!
    Indeed i have no trouble while recording the wildest pad changes and i use the desktop presets on the phone!

  • WOW! The iOS version is that big? Is that with a bunch of preset packs added into it?

  • Ha ha no.... i also have the full desktop version and imported all presets to iOS. I think normally it's just about 1GB or so.

  • also on ipad4 and have similar issues sometimes - even with only Loopy, AB, and Alchemy running and buffer set to 512.

  • It's too bad the developers don't frequent this forum... It would be nice to get everyone who is experiencing this problem involved, along with the developers, to get this issue resolved.

  • I saw them here more then one time. I must say the general support of camel audio is good. But there are some other issues too but this belongs to their support site i think.

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    It is nice to have the developers here in one place and actively discussing but we can't grow to expect it because that's why these apps and companies have their own websites and forums. I have seen Camel Audio around here too though

  • @Galaxyexplorer - ahh, good to know. The desktop version looked/sounded great but i could never justify the price, which is why the iOS version seemed like a good option. Just seems odd that the devs would have an app so "powerful" and resource intensive that it was having issues on the most-recent version of the iPad.

    I've held off deleting the app in the hopes i was just doing something wrong but it seems like this is par for the course w/this app. Shame.

  • No issues here (iPad 2).

  • Hi,

    I try to check this forum for posts about Alchemy Mobile (and 'bus news ;-) but it's difficult to keep track of all posts. Our main support forum is at KVR:

    You will always get a response from one of us if you post there (or you can email support [at] camelaudio [dot] com).

    We're planning to release an update to Alchemy Mobile in the next week or so. Some bugs are fixed and it's got a few new features including IAA controls.

    The audio glitches that occur when changing presets won't be fixed in this update for technical reasons, but it is scheduled for the following update due sometime in December.


  • Andy would the issues with the red Line to the top of the App when you use it with AudiiBus or IAA be addressed in this update

  • I'm not sure what you mean about the red line problem. The status bar that shows which app is currently recording? Is it getting in the way?

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    The red line with the provider and battery info on top which is hiding (on iPhone some buttons). This happen just on Audiobus use. But other apps have the same "problem". It's a UI bug i think. This never happen in iOS 6. But it's def. something to sort out.... please!

  • Oh right, yes that's on our list of things to fix. It will require some UI redesign because it affects the GUI size, so I think it will happen in the following update.

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    @ZenPunkHippy: Thank's for your great support, much appreciated! And special thank's for beeing one of the few developers which gave us hardcore iPhone musicians also a full iPhone version! Hope this will be also in the future! If not, better tell me NOW ;)

  • We have some very nice plans for future updates, lots of ideas ... until people stop buying it, we'll continue working on it! :)

  • I really love Alchemy - feel free to make more sound banks as IAPs :)

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