PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Midi to Computer DAW using iPad for programs

I'm a very novice iPad for music production user and love some of the apps I have bought for it Beathawk, Isymphonic, sunrizer, etc...
I have audiobus 3 and cubasis 2
Although having a DAW on my iPad is great for whenever I'm not at home I'd really just prefer to use cubase on my computer.
How would I be able to have my MIDI keyboard connected to my PC and cubase while using the sound apps from my iPad?
I want it to go keyboard -> cubase -> iPad so I'll be able to use all my controllers settings like the faders, knobs, scene selectors, but I want to use my iPad for the sounds.
I have the usb 3 lightning connector.
If anyone knows how a setup Ike this would work it would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you, Gabe.


  • I think you will need some sort of audio&midi interface since you are on pc. Or midi over WiFi but it isn’t really reliable

  • not the cheapest solution, but the iConnectAudio4+ (interface) is a very nice tool to connect both worlds at the same time, routing both Midi and audio simultaneously.
    It's the only interface that hosts 2 DAWs, which means your IOS app's output can be input in a Cubase channel and vice versa you could send a Cubase channel to an IOS app and record the IOS output in Cubase. Same with Midi.

  • I found an app called midimux looks like it's exactly what I'm after

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    I am wondering the same thing... Just last month I started using Logic Pro X on my mid-2014 entry level MacBook Pro, and it integrates flawlessly with my USB connected iPad Pro , since MacOS X allows you to enable the iPad as an audio/midi device. I just haven’t figured out how to stream my Logic AUs into Auria Pro, so I can apply fabfilter effects on it in real-time ...I thought I had it working once , but if I did, not sure how exactly I accomplished it so I can reproduce.

    I’ve since given up on using Mac as my primary production computer, as it doesn’t have the power to handle all I want to throw at it, so I decided to buy a copy of Reason 10 on my 3770k (4X 3.4 ghz) Windows 10 desktop. I’m now looking for a solution to integrate all 3 computers , hopefully as smooth as my iPad works with the mac. I bought the studiomux app from the dev who makes midimux...but that only solves 2 thirds of the equation. Now to get my Logic Pro communicating (midi/audio) with Reason. The expensive Vienna Ensemble Pro looks like the perfect solution but it’s nearly as pricey as Reason — $343... They do offer a 30 day demo though, that I plan to try out.

    anyone have any other elegant solutions that might be more affordable?

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