Orphion MIDI out - weird velocity curve


I've been looking into sending MIDI from iPad apps to Logic Pro using the lightning connector (either through studiomux or by enabling it using the Audio MIDI Setup), and was looking forward to using Orphion for its custom layout ability and expressiveness. However, the MIDI notes I record seem to get to full 127 velocity very easily, and when I play 'softer' it leaves many notes at velocity 1. It's very difficult to get in-between velocities, and when I do it seems like only a handful of velocity values come through. For example, I'll have a couple of velocity 12, and a few at, say 100, but no variance from those values. It's happened through multiple takes and tries. Changing the sensitivity setting in Orphion seems to change what those two or three other velocity values are, but it's still extremely limited.

I've tried it with different presets, sometimes it sounds fairly expressive but for other presets the '1' velocity notes have no sound at all. When I was routing Orphion's MIDI to other iOS apps, it never seemed to be so limited in velocity.

Is this a problem with Orphion that's known?

iPad Mini 2 runnign iOS 11.2.1 and Macbook Pro running macOS 10.13.2. Logic Pro X latest version.

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