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TouchAble 3, who uses it?

I have been eyeing it up for years but couldn't get over the price tag and the fact that I have been more and more reliant on the iPad and hardware things over the past 2 years than Ableton, this despite buying a full licence and Push 2 last January. But now xmas has come and gone I received a bunch of itunes gift cards so I finally got Phonem and nearly got LayR but for noticing that the TouchAble bundle was available with 30% discount. (Losing the itunes wishlist is so frustrating.)

I can’t use it yet as I’m away from my laptop back home. But i wanted to know who uses it and how, is it stable and if there is any word on future compatibility with Live 10?

The big pros, cons, the things that would improve it, etc.

I’m quite excited to dive back into Ableton with the Push2 and maybe 2 iPads and my iPhone all connected at once!


  • I own the app, but I don't use it. The GUI and the handling is quite cryptic in my opinion (which also applies to Modstep, by the way). That's why I'm not getting warm with it. Too bad, because I know that both apps have quite a lot to offer.

  • Ah yes, Modstep, the confusing powerhouse with tons of potential. I use kt now as a MIDI looper in my convoluted AB3, AUM and Modstep setup.

  • Touchable is pretty great, but arguably redundant if you have a push.

  • I see it as more of an extension of Push.

  • Astropad + ableton 10 with touch enabled, zoomed to 150.

  • @Calverhall said:
    I see it as more of an extension of Push.

    This is how I see can have it as your mixer and sends whilst push is set to control devices etc

  • I havent been using it a lot lately, but its great. The template pack is nice too. Touchable only works in the session view, ( clips view ) not the arrangement view though, It took me a minute to wrap my head around all the things it does but found it to be a powerful app. I dont have a push or anything, so it was awesome for launching clips vs using my track pad or mouse and recording/arranging a song. As far as setting it up, Im on a Mac and it wasnt anything major to get it going but Ive heard some PC users have had issues. I have no regrets buying it.

  • I have it
    Don't use it that much
    There was an update for the pc side
    Once done couldn't see my samples and files on the left to drag to use
    Installed the old desktop software and could see everything again
    Not sure if that problem had been dealt with..
    But great for clip launching and other bits
    Took a while to get used to it
    But not bad really
    Haven't brought all the extras
    Might fire it back up again, as I seem to be drifting back to Ableton now that my studiomux seems to be behaving

    Slightly off topic but is a push1 worth getting as I see them on eBay for about £150-£200
    Looks like fun

  • Have it don’t use it. Ableton Lives interface works just fine for my workflow.

  • Most fun I’ve had with Ableton, kept me from getting Push. Ultimately went back to Bitwig, (I was using Ableton on SP3, and realized I could do what I wanted on one touch screen with one program)

  • I like being able to trigger clips and scenes from anywhere in the room or laid on the bed/sofa my tracks a new perspective.

  • But find myself forgetting I am supposed to be using it as I "use it" and just go back to my habits glued to the monitor. I frequently use my ipad as an effects processor or external instrument with ableton, too. I have two ipads...I should probably use touchable more.

    I know it's great. Once i have more of a mastery of ableton, I'll use it more, I'm sure.

    I also have Isotonik studio's remote script for my Launch Control XL---and again, I need to get more used to using it instead of the mouse let alone adding a bunch of new features to compound the learning curve

  • edited February 2018

    I love it...and also own a Push2...but I love using it when I'm out and about without it.

  • TouchAble is very deep in functionality but I found that I don't need more that a clip launching and proper piano roll editing remote because for everything else, I go to Ableton anyway.
    So I ended up with LK (LK for Ableton) plus the "unlock matrix" IAP.
    Easy, quick, works.

  • Since the update to fix changes from Abe 9.x to Abe 10 it has been nothing short of amazing. It has some shortcomings, granted, but I’ve owned both Push 1 and 2 and it’s bang for buck _better_than both of them, for my needs.

    I have Omnisphere 2 and bought the patch browser for Push 1/2 from Freelance Soundlabs...

    ...and have just discovered that they also work amazingly well in Touchable 3. Not only can I load this as a vst but I can see all patches AND have full control of over 80 different controls within Omnisphere 2, including the Orb.

    For anyone who has used Omnisphere 2 they will agree it’s possible to lose oneself in there for months and the ability to control it from my iPad is a revolution. I’d say Touchable 3 is now indispensable, after a few years of frustrations and poor stability, it has really started to shine very brightly. I therefore recommend this app very much, especially to those looking at Push and thinking if it’s a viable alternative.

    Now if I can only work out how to drop a limiter onto the master track without having to use my mouse I’ll be a happier man 😀

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