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How to block beatmaker FOREVER ???

Heya guys , Please some help . I want to block beatmaker FOREVER . The update didn't work and now it's only eating memory . I want to get rid of this not working app , and never use it again . Cubasis is working fine , so I can record :-)


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    Delete it you mean? Tap and hold the icon until it starts to wiggle, then tap on the small x to delete it.

    Or from your computer? Select it in iTunes app library list and choose delete.

  • Thanks Chris , I already tried that , but it didn't work :P

  • Try closing all apps, then do a hard reset (home button + sleep button until Apple pops up then release) and then try tapping and holding until it shakes and tap the X to delete.

  • Thanks friends but nothing helps , it's stuck like a virus :-P .

  • The worst software ever !!!

  • It's not stuck. Delete it as you would delete any other app.

  • I tried to remove it any way sugested , or any way you can imagine . So I decided to buy a new IpadAir and NEVER instal this crap :-)

  • Did you try restoring your iPad to factory settings? Anyway, nice and original excuse to justify a new iPad Air...;-)

  • Agreed! I wish I could come up with an excuse to get my wife to let me get one! :-) I guess food and shelter come first. ;-)

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    I'll be getting the Air as well. First app I'll be loading on it will be the awesomness that is BM2 though ;-)

    Sorry its giving you fits

  • Beatmaker 2 - The iPad Killer

  • lol. I don't know why I feel the need to defend the app. I love it, but I didn't make it. I should just chill out instead of wanting to point out how many users love the app and how its leaps and bounds better than Cubasis. I'll just shutup.

  • Plenty of folks use and like BM2 but they don't post on forums about it very much, it seems. We're few in number, @boone51.

    Then you've got a handful of obnoxious dipshits that post a steady deluge of complaints and demands over on the Intua forum. Most of them either don't understand that the app isn't meant to be everything to everyone, or think BM2 should have every feature Fruity Loops and Live have, and it should have those features right now for $19.99. No wonder the Intua guys almost never post there.

    But hey, like I said, lots of people are happily using BM2 right now. I've seen more than a handful of people going the BM2 + MIDI drum pad route instead of buying an MPC, especially since Akai is such a shit company these days.

  • I use BM2 all the time and love it. It was a real trial with the first song I worked on, especially after hitting the wrong buttons all the time, but I pretty much have it down now and am very happy with it.

  • still not quite there yet for me, but the more i work with it, the more i like it.

  • I can only imagine that the OP is using a jailbroken device and now some weird shit is going on in the background.I never ever heard about apps you couldn't delete anymore for no reason.

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    I actually had that happen to me. At some point the app finally disappeared - I have no idea why.

  • Ok that IS weird.I couldn't imagine this can happen with apples"original"iOS.

  • mmpmmp
    edited October 2013

    He's been complaining about other apps behaving badly as well, so something like that (broken -sorry- jailbreak) might be going on. Or bad flash memory? But I'm guessing iOS normally would detect bad hardware and report it somehow.

  • I finaly succeeded in removing the software :-) ( never again Intua !!! )

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