Does Anyone Have any Electric thumb pianos, hand held harps etc... that you want to Trade?

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if you have anything of that nature and are interested in trades post it up...... thanks


  • btw there is no charge for license transfer and the process is super easy... pm me if you want it.

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    do you guys think $200 is to low an asking price, I haven't used maschine in so long but the software is pretty good and has come a long way since this video..... just looking through different maschine videos ... maybe $200 is too low.

    I've already sold maschine once and bought it again ahhh I dunno

  • Software alone I believe is that value

  • after a looksy around I think you're right, maybe I should change that

  • My old Mikro still runs the new software perfectly, great controllers, and tough as old boots.

  • yeah they are quality controllers, but I guess the software is worth the asking price on it's own, heck maybe even the sample library, the controller is just the cherry on top :)

  • I just bought an electric imbira from Zimbabwe on ebay. 25 reeds if I remember well. It was massively hard to play notes at a time and retune on the fly so I broke it apart and I'm going to make two smaller ones that are more playable, possibly two different scales. I also thought of experimenting with long thin piezo that is normally used under guitar's saddle.

    You are talking physical objects right?

  • yeah.. I'm looking for warrrrrrrrrm, melodic, good range, and something that's good for sampling and soloing over beats with.

  • I make them.

    They are outrageous.

    It's Christmas Eve... I'll take some pics of mine when I am done with Christmas stuff. Merry one to you...

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