DJay Pro half price

Noticed that DJay Pro is half price right now. I know nothing about the app but see that its Audiobus compatable? Also has a load of Suger Bytes FX as an IAP.

Surly there not letting you bring Spotify into Audiobus...???

Anyways, here is the link


  • Grabbed it last night. The Spotify integration is really cool. If seems to give you better ‘tracks by genre’ data than Spotify itself? Haven’t tried via AB yet.

  • I don’t have djay pro, but djay2 disables Audiobus when using Spotify.

  • I'm not a DJ, but from what I've read, djay Pro is among the best DJ apps. I've also read that the only big advantage over djay 2 is the extra decks. I'm not sure how important that is to the aspiring DJ, so maybe someone in the know can speak to that. I'm also not sure if they'll drop djay 2 to $0.99 again.

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    @telecharge said:
    I've also read that the only big advantage over djay 2 is the extra decks.

    It’s handy for Spotify, as you can pick your next few songs, as opposed to waiting for one to finish, then rushing to pick the next (especially awkward for blends). Not too crucial if you’re playing from your local song library, though. I was also swayed to upgrade to Pro for keyboard shortcuts.

  • You have to use an audio out if you want to record your Spotify DJ set. That’s annoying.

  • No link no buy.

  • Does anybody like their vjay app? Looks pretty cool, wondering if anyone can elaborate on the user experience?

  • I use it with my Spotify account and it is a very nice DJ app with lots of options. Could it be better by letting us use that Spotify account to record loops into Audiobus, yes, but that would hit some copyright issues. What would be cool is if it hoasted AUv3 effects. It does have some nice effects built in and some SugerBytes IAP effects that are also very cool.

  • Djay Pro is cool, and Djay 2 is easiest. Both have spotify integration.

    If spotify isn't a concern, Soda (I beta tested it) is the best option although it is also waaaaaay complex. But when you're done you have a fully midi-mappable customized DJ interface.

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