• Wow, thanks for the heads-up. I didn't know this app, but it seems perfect for my daughter who is studying cello. We have a lot of piano sheet music too. Can't beat that price! B)

  • Interesting. No sheet music here, but can't pass up a free app.

  • Having Forscore, I’m good. This is a bit of a crowded space to be in, there’s a number of good apps that do this.

  • Got PiaScore myself, and that has drag and drop functioning. I scanned in my entire sheet music collection using Notes on my iPhone, uploaded those to iCloud. Can even set genres and keywords et all.

  • ForScore is my recommendation too. This one here doesn’t look very good to me after installing.

  • Yep. I've posted it because the sale.

    For a newbie (like me), MuseScore (free on desktop, $1,99 universal app) is enough(and cheap combo) , despite I get OnSong when it was for free, but too much deep to my knowledge.

  • Silly question for Notion users: may you change the tempo of imported mxl or midi files?


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