PSA: "Tap to Fix" loop with effect apps: iOS bug, here's the workaround

Hey all,

We've been tussling with an annoying bug present in all Inter-App Audio apps including Audiobus where some effects don't seem to load properly. In Audiobus, this manifests as a "Tap to Fix" loop.

Turns out this is an iOS 11 bug that is triggered by denying the effect app microphone permissions. It can be resolved by opening up the system Settings app, finding the settings for the affected FX apps at the bottom, and switching on mic permissions for each.

We've made the appropriate team at Apple aware of the problem, and it's being investigated.



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  • Thx for the info.

  • Great job, Michael!! Please keep this message stickied until it is no longer relevant--I'm absolutely sure I will forget this workaround otherwise!! :smiley:

  • Thanks. I have a small performance scheduled this sunday and all my audiobus saved files had this “tap to fix” problem, taking precious time switching between tracks. Thanks for this, really appreciate it.

  • Sure thing! And will do, @Audiojunkie

  • @Michael sorry if a dumb question but I thought that every audio app needs to clear the ‘allow microphone access’ pop up anyway. Does that mean that when tap to fix happens the option in settings gets temporarily disabled?

    I’ve checked my problematic apps and all of them have the mic permission enabled.


  • I guess there’s more than one cause, @supadom

  • Thanks for pointing this out. I had put Flux:Fr and Final Touch aside because of this. Now I can use them again.

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