Do you listen to the Album, or individual songs? Poll attached

Album meaning the entire release of the artist, or........What was the new norm, as far as I know, buying a digital song, or a few off of the album from itunes, Amazon, or emusic and so on........ And then, putting together a "mix-tape", playlist.

I still listen to, and buy entire cd's, or albums/digital downloads. Almost 99% of the time, I listen to the entire thing. Whenever I listen to music. It's an old school thing, right?

Do you listen to the entire album, or an individual song?
  1. Do you listen to the entire album, or an individual song?33 votes
    1. I listen to the entire album/release
    2. I listen to individual songs and put together a playlist
    3. I buy the entire album, but....I still usually only listen to a few songs off it
    4. I'm too busy engineering synth presets/patches to listen to music


  • For me it really depends...

    Some 'albums' use the context to create the feel and it really feels off to listen to skips songs, this applies mostly to older records. Most modern 'records' are just a bunch of songs trying to please as many different tastes as possible, there is no proper 'context' between the songs...

    When listening to a good album there is no need to 'skip tracks', if track skipping is needed the album is not properly compiled :)

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    Individual songs are too short. That is like watching five minutes of a movie to me. I will do it if I am hanging out with someone and we are talking about it, but not by myself.

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    I've got a massive folder on my desktop called 'faves' - individual tracks from hundreds of albums, and I pick a selection of tracks from this to create/enhance a particular mood when I'm working (painting). Might be angry - Motorhead, Prodigy, Pistols etc., or etherial - Cocteau's, Kate Bush, Nick drake etc., or experimental - Nurse With Wound, Stock Hausen Walkman, FSOL etc., or poppy - Sugarbabes (yeah I know), Lily Allen, Beautiful South etc....whatever 'mood' I want to induce for the work, or something to pep me up if I'm a bit directionless. Sometimes that'll lead me onto a full album. For example I've just played a Prodigy track and I now want to listen to the whole album. Or some albums only work as a whole - FSOL Environments, Dark Side of the Moon etc. Depends depends.

  • Whole album, but very few releases are more than a pile of individual random tracks nowadays (old Noisehorse).

  • I’m oldschool: full albums only. And I’m still not subscribed to a streaming music service, so I also still buy entire albums only.

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    I put entire albums into a giant playlist of new stuff, and listen to the thing on shuffle. That way I get to hear every song on the album, but not in the order the artist intended :)

    There are some albums that should really be listened to in one sitting, but I rather like listening to songs on shuffle - it really focuses you on the merits of each individual song - and most albums are just a collection of songs rather than a unified artistic statement.

    Personally I really like some aspects of the modern way of listening: the song is king. A good song will really stand out in a shuffled playlist, and since there is no "old media" to hype music these days, you listen to the music with far fewer preconceptions. You don't care if it's cool, or what label it has been given by the NME, you just listen with an open mind.

    There is however a glaring lack of innovation out there, and most millenials I know have decidedly bland and mainstream tastes compared to people I knew when I was younger. Not sure if there is any connection between this and the way music is consumed.

  • Depends for me. Some albums are meant to be listened to front to back and I do. Others have duff songs here and there and are maybe just a collection of singles anyway, so then I don't.

  • Kind of all for me. I have a three level system for exploring new stuff. First, I check out lists, suggested songs/videos etc. on various platforms. If I like a track, then I go to the album the track is included in. The lists only serve to this purpose for me. Then I listen to the album. Then, generally after listening to the album 5-6 times, I keep my favorites on my own list/phone, and delete the rest. If an artist/band I love releases a new album, obviously I start with the whole album and again, just keep my favorites after a while.

  • Always been an album guy. The best music is the ones where the entire album just seems to flow. Even better are the ones I'm a bit lukewarm to at first, that I grow in appreciating. There are old albums that I still listen to that are like that. The ones that have one or two good songs just get dropped from the listening regime eventually.

  • Very interesting thoughts guys!

    I too, even though I'm an album listener, like to put a few new albums together into a playlist and either shuffle the albums, or just listen to them straight through.

    I know what you mean about certain albums needing to be listened to the entire way through. A good number of 70's - 80's albums are that way. Most of the new Metal I buy, mostly thrash and Folk Metal, not so much for the straight on metal or hair metal. The new stuff usually flows together really well, from start to finish. But, I could just as easily listen to a song here or there as well.

    The new Taylor Swift, I usually make it through at least 10 songs before I am off to something else. Where as, the remaster of Metallica's Master of Puppets. And the additional discs, they need to be listened to start to finish, at least one disc at a time.

  • All of the above.....
    When I first get a new album i will listen to it end to end a few times....and then depending on how I feel about it I will stop listening to certain tracks....or not
    Once I have a few albums by an artist...and the latest isn't new anymore...that's when they tend to get put in the 'pick me a tune' category
    My music listening is pretty much in the car these days, so my journey time governs how much of an album I can listen to without interruption.

  • I'm a mixer and matcher these days, my playlists change daily and keep me sane on my commute. I always have a bucket of new stuff ready to dib into to keep me fresh.

    BUT there is one exception and it's a bit of a cliche but none the less needs to be mentioned ... Dark Side Of The Moon. That thing is a journey that needs to be enjoyed in full.

  • Album.
    I'm lazy.

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