Rozeta or StepPolyArp to beatmaker

Hi can anyone please enlighten me on the routing?
Not getting anything from steppolyarp when I set his outputs to send to midi in inputs
And with rozeta don’t even see midi outs


  • Rozeta needs to be loaded in to AUM since is the only midi-auv3 capable host.
    With spa you have to match the ports: spa midi out OR bm midi in must be selected on BOTH devices otherwise you are mismatching; listening to a mute port and speaking to a deaf one.

  • This should work until BM3 launch with their native support for Rozeta...

  • Thanks alot !
    I knew it works with aum , but all apps flipping and 3rd party routing takes cpu, cumbersome and really against the point of the simplicity of the ipad composing.

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