Apps not recognised in midi flow splitter

So I have a problem getting my iM1,Roland Sound Canvas and M3000 ultimate mellotron apps to be recognised in the midi flow splitter. The only app that it sees is the Galileo organ app. What’s the story. Have followed the instructional video on you tube? Wtf. Most annoying !! Please help me guys !!!


  • Is this the video you watched? It pretty much shows exactly how to set it up. If the app icons are not showing in MidiFlow splitter, then I would guess there was a problem when you initially loaded them into Audiobus Midi out. It happens sometimes and you have to close out of the app and try again. If you are having trouble loading apps into Audiobus 3 Midi out, then you may need MidiFlow Adapter to connect them to Audiobus Midi. If you are still out of luck, try adding some more details in describing your problem. It is difficult to know exactly what you are encountering without more details. Here is the video I mentioned in my opening question:

  • MidiFlow adaptor is quite nice. It helped me assign different korg gadgets to different split section keys on my MIDI keyboard. That tiny plug app really helps with korg stuffs!

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