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Just bought Animoog for iPhone ...

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... Before checking to see if it was in the bus. Is there anything useful other than exporting presets to the iPad version that I can do? Such as record audio for use elsewhere? Also, Filtatron. Cool but don't really know how I can use it as of yet.


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  • seriously, such a tragedy that Animoog for iPhone and Filtatron are not on Audiobus!

    Animoog does have some form of audio copy/ paste. I used to copy Animoog tracks over to Garageband... before Audiobus changed everything.

  • "Filtatron is a bit less useful as it doesn't have AudioBus yet"

    that's a really diplomatic expression ;-)

  • Filtatron is less useful in an iOS only workflow because it doesn't have audiobus. My guitar loves it though!

  • Animoog is one of the synth which has a unique sound and synth engine. I use(d) it in every track. But i hate that moog seems to stop the support for iphone. There was even not the 4" support for iphone 5, no 4 track recording, no Audiobus....SUCKS!!! They take time to port it to blackberry but not to update the iphone version. A shame because the sounds you can get out of it are so awesome. And if the app will not work with future os updates it's useless then. At the moment it works on iOS 7 too. The same is with other apps like SunrizerXS and AddictiveSynthMicro. Really AWESOME sounds but abandoned by the developers :(

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  • Animoog was once my favorite synth app. It's a shame that Moog has essentially abandoned the iPhone version (and Filtatron). I emailed them back in the spring asking if Animoog for iPhone and Filtatron would be receiving 4" graphics and Audiobus support, and got a response saying yes they would. I wouldn't be too hopeful at this point, though.

    As for Animoog for Blackberry, I'm sure Moog was paid quite a nice sum to port the app, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered.

  • @Simon: It's all about money!!!
    But i can't believe that they make more with a blackberry app. I also tryed to mail moog but no answer. If more and more developers do the same (and it looks like that) the ipad is the way.... but not for me :( Come on developers i will make you famous if you give me the tools ;)

  • Thanks for the pointers, Simon. And the manual. I have it on my iPad and really like the sounds I am able to get from it. Looking at how long people have been asking for AB support for Filtatron and Animoog for iPhone I'm just going to go out on a limb and say it's probably not coming anytime soon. Which is a shame.

  • Abandonware.....

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