Using Thor / Audiobus and Cubasis .

Thor is one of my favorite iPad synths and I’m trying with everything I’ve got to get it to play in Cubasis. I bought Audiobus and opened it in the the app and chose Cubasis as an output. I can’t find a way to write midi to it, only get audio from Thor. I can’t get it? Is there a way ? I’d love to also control Thor automation as well. If anyone can help , it would be great.
Thanks in advance


  • I think you need to create a midi-track in Cubasis and route it to Thor.

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    for apps like thor that aren’t listed in Cubasis IAA:

    open an audio track, use Routing/Inter-App to find it and select. (see below foto) (you can open Thor yourself if cubasis doesn’t)

    then open a midi track and use Routing/Midi Out/Thor (if you haven’t already opened Thor and assigned Cubasis as midi in you can use Midi All outs. once Thor is opened and assigned to Cubasis, Cubasis will list thor as an option for mid destination)

    if you haven’t already, in Thor select cubasis as mid source with your channel and you should be good

    Once you’ve selected midi all outs (or thor depending on the order) for the midi track you’ve created, assign “X No Instrument” so you only hear Thor, rather than Thor + default grand piano (see above foto)

  • Only thing with loading/un-loading IAAs (if one needs multiple Thor tracks) is that it fragments memory like mad.
    So it's better to host Thor in AudioBus and sequence it using Cubasis and record the audio.

  • Here is a video from Jakob using Thor and Nave with midiflow adaptor in Audiobus, i believe this video will help you.

  • Thank you all very much! This should guide me in the right direction. Too bad Thor isn't easier to use as an instrument in Cubasis. Would another sequencer be better ?

  • No. All other sequencers would work in a similar fashion.

  • How would I sequence it before Cubase audio ? I have Thesys or I could use its own step sequencer, but like to control Thor automation too.

  • Well you could put the midi in Cubasis

  • thank you all:)

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