BS-16i Crashes in AUM as AUv3

Can anyone test please? I deleted and reinstalled and still crashes as AU.


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    BS-16i is working fine as an AUv3 in AUM on my Air 2, iOS11.1.2.

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    Working fine for me as well.

    Which soundfont(s) are you using?

    Does it work ok in other apps with the same sf2 files?

  • Did you try to load a large soundfont? I’ve found that the AU permanently crashes when you load a soundfont and there isn’t enough ram. Emailed dev a whole back and haven’t heard back yet.

  • Using stock SF. Weird it works on iPhone but iPad crashes.

  • Over all it’s a major fail when it comes to working as an audio unit, when I export a song from BM3 I get that distorted noise thru out the track, and it just has been more headaches than productivity for me.

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