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Cubasis Multiple outputs in Audiobus?

edited October 2013 in General App Discussion

Is it possible?
I'd like to be able to assign a sound to a separate output so that when using Cubasis into Cubasis I can listen to a sound through the filter position and then record it. Is there a way to do this or does it only work on all of the sounds at the same time?


  • Mute the other tracks

  • That is what I've been doing so far. It's just nice to be able to hear the FX in context with the track without applying it to everything else. Hopefully this functionality gets added in the future. Are any other apps capable of this yet?

  • Auria and loopy allow you select the output (in the AB input panel). There may be others.

  • Cool, I hope Steinberg get on board soon. I really like working in Cubasis but I'll try others if I need. Thanks for the info everybody :)

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