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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Post your iOS setup

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it's always cool to see others' music/audio setups. share a photo of yours. :)

here's a rig I put together while on vacation. (gear names are in the description)



  • This is cool. What's the name of that turntable thing?

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    The setup to the left.

  • thanks for sharing @scott! looks great, love all the hardware.

    @sebastian it's a portable turntable (Columbia GP-3). was sampling and mangling sounds with samplr, a soon to be Audiobus app. can't wait for that one.

  • @scott what do you use all of those mics for? I love it.

    @hypoetical great photo. Love that turntable.

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    Thank you!
    I don't use the ones to the left much anymore, but I initially tried to get stereo recordings. When I do use them, it is primarily for use with my vocoder apps (voice synth is phenomenal!). The one to the right is my go-to sm-58, which I love for live stuff, as well as doing harmony parts when I use my condenser for leads.

    The funny thing is that a really large chunk of the hardware is in the back. I have got midi power and midi combiner boxes tucked back with power strips and ungodly numbers of cables and midi cables back there. The setup lets me use two synths at once, which is great for things like iPolysix, organ apps, or any combination =P

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    Here is mine from messing around today, forgot to get the mic and effects pedal in the shot but there is only so much frame to work with, meh :-)

    M-audio keyrig-> iPad w/midi bridge+synths/drums -> Guitar, bass, Vocals via DOD gs30(pedal on floor out of frame) -> iPhone w/audiobus -> PC w/ DAW (SONAR) for mastering

    PS: @JuniorPops sweet! So clean and stylish looking

  • Here is my current setup for electronic music:

    Novation X-Station 25 / Korg MS2000 / Alesis ioDock w/iPad 3 / Akai LPD8 / Novation Nocturn / Logic Pro 9 (production) / Ableton 8 (performance) / Reason 5 (synth rack)

    I typically play through any of the synths with a Korg sp250 (best hammer action weighted keys for under $1000 IMHO), unless I'm using a sequencer.

    There is a lot more mounted on the racks of my desk... A few compressors, a sonic maximizer, feedback destroyer, Emu Planet Phatt (used w/ EMU Launchpad, the chunkiest most tank-like midi controller I've ever touched), patch bay, EQ, etc.

    And then there's the real band set-up. Organs, basses, guitars and glockenspiels... you know, the works. But that's not for this thread. Sorry for TMI.

    iOS setup

  • @uglykidmoe that's a lot of stuff mang. What's your SoundCloud? I want to hear what you create with all that. Also... Real guitars or virtual?

    @scott That's awesome.

    I don't know how the heck you guys get by with these tiny little 1-2 octave midi controllers. I find 4 to be extremely limiting. hmmmm..

  • @ryan Soundcloud

    Some older, goofy tracks linger there, but you'll definitely hear the MS2000 and X-station in them. Maybe even a Korg Delta. I'm sad to say that most of my time that isn't consumed by work has then been dedicated to piano practice and ambient noodling with new apps (trying to conceive of how I'd use them once I started writing again). That said, I have a lot of tracks that will be posted soon and (finally) the time and mind to write music once again.

    The guitars are real. Varying in quality and style. There's an acoustic which I can't identify because it has been mangled, modded, and mis-used. no joke - it has speed holes and about a 3x3" hole cut out the back with pick-ups installed. It sounds... unique... bright... i actually love it. Not for all occasions though and I often wish I just had a normal, nice sounding acoustic on hand.

    Then a gibson hollowbody, a tele, a classical guitar named "van" and an ESP EC-50 that I'm still unsure how it got here but none of my guitarist friends will take it from me. It's harsher tone serves me well when I want to mangle and crush the sound anyways.

  • from tonight's synth mess (I actually cleaned up a bit for the photo!). I had to use my phone for the photo but it sits on the oberheim normally too with a Blue Digital or Midi Mobilizer stuffed in it depending on what nonsense I'm doing that night. Monitors and mixer and junk are off screen right. The corner of the iO4 can be seen in the bottom right.

    syrup mess

  • Holy beard of Odin @syrupcore ... That's sick. Add me to your will? lol

  • I wish I had the space for all that stuff.....just me and the ipad at the moment and some Absolute 2 speakers left from back in the lucky people!

  • mmm... @syrupcore... sh-101. I end up using the TAL Bassline quite a bit because I envy you.

  • SH-101 was my first synth. Bought it at a used record store in 1987 and has never left my side. Sorry ryan, we're going under the ground together. Envelope generator has been broken on it for two years now. I could get it fixed if I could only stop buying apps.

  • Here is my little setup Am440 phonic Mixer / KeyStudio M-Audio / Edirol PCR-30 / Old X-session Novation / Audio Kit Novation nio 2-4 / Ipad 4 / 2 PC I7 Core / AKG C519M clip Microphone / And one Rack of 8 Didgeridoo Instruments (Picture on the PC Screen) + one PVC SLIDE Didgeribone.

    And One portable Didgeridoo (Wolf) that you can see on the side of my Ipad.!

  • wow awesome setups everyone!

  • Here's mine: OP-1, all 3 monotrons, iPad mini, iconnectmidi and Apogee Jam!


  • That is a sweet portable setup. Can you fit all of it into that box?

  • @sebastian Whoa, I didn't even think about that! I use that box to prop up the OP-1. I'm going to try it though! Currently I use a handgun case which fits the OP-1 and the iPad. I've only had the monotrons for a week and they haven't left the house. I'm going to try to fit it all in the box!

  • @sammyjams that is the epitome of mobile music making right there! It's also nice to see analog and digital getting along so well together.

  • @uglykidmoe They all get along so well! I'm getting a lot more use out of the Monotrons than I thought I would!

  • Just thought I share this set up and jam with you guys, found it on youtube

  • @juniorpops that is firkin sweet! thanks for sharing!

  • yes, that video is awesome. I can barely handle 1 iPad in my workflow let alone 4.

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    Lots of keyboards here....
    Here is my setup:

    Bass-Sansamp PBDDI (as a DI)- iTrack Solo (mic channel)-iPad mini.
    And here is my latest creation which is under progress:

  • Dj  Puzzle iPad Live Rig

    Here is one of my live rigs

  • This is from last summer, but basically everything is the same. Using iPad 3, note the USB powered laptop fan underneath :-)

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