Sync bpm between DJ and drum machine app?

Hi, I am trying to sync the bpm of drum machine apps and DJ apps running on the same Ipad with audiobus 3. I have Traktor DJ and DJay pro with FunkBox, but if those don’t work please tell me what does.



  • I just had a look at the descriptions of both the apps you have and none mentions any sort of external sync, but it could be somewhere inside the app.
    DJDJ app from rugoso surely can since is ableton link enabled

  • Thanks mschenkel! I know that funkbox can sync but the DJ apps are more mysterious. I will check out DJ DJ.

  • There's a way to make djay 2 and Pro MIDI controlled, down to BPM sync, but it requires writing some code for it to import via iTunes File Sharing or iFunBox.

    I don't remember where exactly, but there's a thread somewhere in the forum about this that explains in details how to do it (sadly I've lost the bookmark, I only have the code copy-pasted into a file). Once you get the hang of it, it's quite straightforward. I've mapped DIY MIDI controllers to djay using this, and I plan to do it for sync as well, so I'll get back to you when I've done it, and if I find the thread.

  • Found it! Turns out if was on the algoriddim forum, not this one:

    Simple guide:

    Complete list of functions here:

    The functions you're looking for are in the PLAY CUE SYNC controls section, not sure which one does the trick yet (will try tonight).

    To find out what your device's hexadecimal ID number is, connect it to an Apple computer, go to Utilities > System Information > USB > product and vendor ID number written together without space (without the Ox if I remember well) and convert into a 9-digit hexadecimal value (

    Make sure to open .djayMIDImapping files with a code editor and not TextEdit or djay itself (I use TextMate).

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