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22 October: WE still have a LOT to Cover

Apple iPad Special Event: What do you think about?


Inviato da mio iPad usando Tapatalk 2


  • New covers for new iPad shape. And something to put them on...

  • Yeah... "a lot" to cover could imply a larger iPad as rumored.

  • I'm wondering about the apple stems and what that might be implying. The poster cuts off most of the logo and makes the main stem the central object plus all the colored duplications. I got nothing. Maybe something as lame as iphone 5c style colored backs on the new ipads.

  • Interesting observation indeed... Though I'm struggling to find an explanation for it as well.

  • No new iPad sizes. I would bet my car on it (its a crappy car, so take that for what its worth). New iPad with A7. Maybe fingerprint scanner, but I honestly doubt that too. We'll see soon enough I guess. I've been saving for an iPad for a long time now, so I'm SUPER stoked.

  • I hope Logic for iPad :)

  • No, I don't think new sizes, either. But the next 9.7" iPad will probably be slimmer, with the narrower long edges that the mini has. So it will need a new line of covers too.

  • I think they're referring to ACP, Open-In, MIDI, and IAA. Wishful thinking ;-)

  • Very interesting indeed. Hmm... "a lot to cover" as in lots of new products, or big screens?
    I always hope for Logic for iPad, that would be so awesome but it never happens so I'm not bothering to get my hopes up for it this time around.

    Who am I kidding? I'm going to anxiously await Logic right up until it's clearly not coming, haha.

  • haha same here @holdernessMedia

    I reckon a lot to cover is number of products. ipad 5, ipad mini, macbook pro, and maybe the new mac pro?

    I want a black macbook.

  • I think @syrupcore & @mmp have it right. And then new smart covers for the invitation tie in.

  • @syrupcore That's my guess too, it seems fairly obvious at this point. A slightly larger iPad could be cool, but I'd be more interested in an iOS device with a 15" or larger screen, a "tabletop" device for home and studio use. Guess we'll find out next week.

  • edited March 2014


  • Ah right, mavericks too.

  • We'll definitely see the new Garage band with IAA. I've seen a demo from WWDC keynotes. It's not much, but it's nice to have. Or maybe they've added new stuff also since WWDC.

    I'm really hoping for a blazing fast iPad 5 with the iPad mini looks. I'm sure the leaked ones are the real deal, as with the leaked iPhones. Or... a blazing fast iPad mini with or without retina. I really love the form factor of my mini.

  • So far many of Apple's own apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand) still rely on pre-iOS 7 UI. I think it's about time that changes.

  • GarageBand is the most skeumorphic apple app I have seen ... I wonder if they will spend so much ui redesign effort on it considering its niche users.
    So we know they will have IAA... Hoping for complete AB support also ... And then they will add some new instruments ... Maybe a World Percussion section or Ethnic Instruments and that's it

  • I try yesterday Logic Pro X with Logic Remote and is fantastic.....I say again: Logic for iPad!

  • @Sebastian Yup. Garageband for sure at the very least, the new icon for Garageband was already showing up last night on my iPhone under iCloud storage settings but it looks like it was pulled, showing the old style again. I think updates for all their apps is definitely in order. Between all the app updates and likely new hardware, they do have quite "a lot to cover" it would seem.

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