I need to filter out certain program change commands

Hi. I'm new to the product and to this forum, and I'm not seeing this after having searched the forum. I run several iPad apps simultaneously, all set to different MIDI channels, then flip through channels on the fly to change apps/instruments. So far, so good, and all of them are compatible with Audiobus.

However, my second keyboard is a Nord Electro, which I use for organ and piano sounds, as a second MIDI controller, AND sometimes both simultaneously - doubling my piano part with, say, a flute background. Here's my issue: on the Nord, if I change instrument presets (like, from an organ setting to a piano or clav setting), this ALSO sends a program change MIDI command to the iPad. Some of the apps are able to ignore it, but others like M3000 HD (the Mellotron app) will reset back to the boot-up patch settings every time.

I can get around this by first setting the Nord to an unused MIDI channel, then making the Nord instrument selection change, then putting the MIDI channel back. But that's too complicated for a performance situation.

I need a way to filter out the program change commands that come out of the Nord. Could Audiobus help with this?


  • I think with the Midiflow apps in AB3 you might be able to do that but I’ll let the more midi experts confirm.

  • I suggest looking at the main Midiflow app. It has Midi filtering. The smaller Midiflow Audiobus3 plugins don't do this. There are probably other Midi apps that can filter, but the Midiflow standalone (main) is the one I took the deepest look at.

  • Midiflow (standalone) and Midifire can both filter out/block midi messages.

  • Thank you all for the quick responses - I've got a few things to look into. Great forum!

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