LooptunesDJ 2.3.4 released

Hi guys,

I just released LooptunesDJ 2.3.4. It’s compatible with audiobus 3, has added features in the session browser (session deleting or set filtering), m4a sample import, and other bug fixes.
I noticed that any iPad flavor of Looptunes was completely broken in Audiobus for a while, and I apologize for that.
I’m still working on a problem in that I can’t launch Looptunes from the Audiobus app itself. As a workaround, you can launch Audiobus, then Looptunes separately, and then add it in Audiobus.
Here’s a video I made demonstrating the new session browser features: [( "”)




  • Can you fix Audioshare integration? It's buggy and it crashes. It shouldn't be that way. This should be a smooth experience and it is not.

    Here is what I am experiencing:

  • Yep, tested this and got the same ...
    Not always, though

  • @tja said:
    Yep, tested this and got the same ...
    Not always, though

    @sonicreef was very helpful over email.

    Here is his work-a-round...and it worked:

    "I think I may have found a workaround.
    In the Settings, if you set background audio to active...?"

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