Monitoring and mic on Iphone

Hello, i have an Iphone X, and I want to use garabe band. i have a mic apogee mic 96k but i need to know how to use monitoring with my in ears at the same time. i have a wirelles in ears but has latency, do i have to use belkin lightning audio + charge rockstar to use mic and in ear a the same time? I would that works?


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    I would also like to know this - has anyone tested? It's unclear if the belkin lightning port will pass the same data as the standard iphone port to work with the apogee mic.

  • Don't know but the newer versions of the Apogee Mic's have a built-in head-phone jack...

  • Stuck with the first version unfortunately. Still great quality, would just be handy to be able to monitor (in realtime, unlike with BT) on a lightning only iphone in the field.

    Ordered the Belkin anyway and will report back. It seems to say somewhere that the lightning port works with some data, but whether it is compatible with the mic is anyone's guess.

  • the version 1 Apogee was released before Apple dropped the 3.5mm jack. I think it was never designed to do what you want.

    The "Belkin lightning audio+ charge rockstar" unfortunately just wont work. It can plug in your mic + a charger or it can plug in your lightning-headset adapter + a charger. It cannot however manage two audio interfaces (headset adapter + Apogee mic). iOS just is not set up to handle that and only 1 at a time would work. sorry for the bad news :/

  • But you are talking about the dual lightning belkin rockstar. The lightning + 3.5mm jack rockstar (there are 2 versions) seems to specify data can pass through the lightning port.

  • Maybe so, but maybe not. I think in that case the Belkin becomes the audio interface and you couldn’t connect an additional interface(your Apogee).

    Data can pass thru but that doesn’t mean it can host an audio interface. Buy it from somewhere with a no questions return policy. It might be worth a try.

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    Just tried the belkin dongle in a shop with the old apogee mic, didn’t work 😭

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    :bawling: I hate Apple’s “courage”

    I’m never buying an iPhone without 3.5mm headphone jack

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