OT: Anybody else listen to the ToneBenders Podcast

These guys are a great listen.
Latest podcast features Mark Mangini.


  • Yes.. I do . sometimes ! Very informative and some great tips regarding sfx and recording.. also worth a mention are Paul Virosteck (http://www.creativefieldrecording.com) and Frank Bry (https://therecordist.com).

  • New to me, but I will start listening. Very interesting indeed. Thank you for sharing this @gmslayton.

  • Never heard them, always looking for new podcasts, I am going to put them on my podcast app now. I am loving the soda jerkers podcast that someone linked here a few days ago.

    Check out audionowcast as well. They don't post new ones often, but when they do is amazing, they are all top people in their field. Recording studio rockstars is also fantastic, and sound design live. And of course sonic talk, Gaz Williams is a man I want to meet someday.

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