IK Multimedia's Irig Pads Mapped to Loopy app?

I think the iRig pads would be a great midi controller for controlling each loop from the Loopy app on the ipad. I've haven't seen anyone talk about this setup, but i'm curious to see if anyone has mapped this already. I've started to with success, but I have two questions.
1. i'm not sure what type of midi setting i should set the pad to be cc info, notes etc. Some work, but not sure what i'm doing.
2. I want the pads to stay lit if there is an active loop on that pad location. Each pad would represent a loop. So I'd want a color light for recorded but paused and a light color (or flashing light) for when the loop is playing.

The controller is great for this since it has a slider to control the selected pad loop. My initial test work well, but need a bit of help with midi setup since i'm new to the type of midi settings and terminology.

Any help or info on this setup would be great! Irig pads controlling loopy!!

thank you.


  • I don't think Loopy can send info back out to your controller which would be required to keep the pad lights in sync. Might have slipped into a feature update I missed though. @hmtx would likely know.

  • Ah, I wish I did know for sure, haven’t had as much music making these days. I would agree with syrupcore, I don’t think Loopy sends out the necessary midi data, which would be required for your iRig pads.

  • Nope, it doesn't, I'm afraid. Loopy Pro will do that, though.

  • I'm using Loopy Pro. Is that true that it will toggle the lights on a midi device? Do you know how to configure it to work?

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