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OT..IK Multimedias MODO BASS VST & Standalone Bass Guitar Sim

The only reason I'm posting this here is that this would be great for iOS I think, I don't think we have anything quite like this


  • Can you explain to a non-guitar playing drummer what sets these apart? :)

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    Like drums, basses sound different based on the materials they're made of and their configuration. Type of wood, body shape, type of pickups, pickup placement, etc all affect the tone. Add to that the fact that your are getting models of basses from different eras and therefore different electronics as well. On top of all that - how you strike the strings (fingers, pick, slapping), the type/make/material of the strings, how the instrument is set up (height of the strings off the fretboard, intonation, etc.)... Like any stringed instrument, the various acoustic elements are so widely varied that it's difficult to recreate digitally.

    This is the DrumPerfect Pro of bass vsts.

    Hope that helps!

  • Yes it is very good, also Spectrasonics "Trillian" vst is too...

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    This uses modal synthesis technology. Everything happens in real-time which is not possible mostly with samples.
    No need of tons of GB samples. I hope one day everything doesn´t need huge samples anymore.
    It´s like Sculpture or Chromaphone....or the great finger fiddle app...just for bass.

  • @studs1966 said:
    Yes it is very good, also Spectrasonics "Trillian" vst is too...

    Yes Trillian is great too and I know lots of people like Scarbee too

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