Using Animoog to play the DSI OB-6 Module

Explorations using the OB-6, Strymon Timeline, Animoog, and TC Electronic Hall Of Fame pedals.


  • 100!

    Even before the pedal board was introduced, sounded amazing. Wasn't the voice stealing because you're in unison/mono mode?

  • Oh yeah, good call on the unison, doh. It was late at night, what can I say :)

  • I’m so jealous of the OB-6. I want one so badly.

  • I debated it since it was announced, took me a long time to make up my mind. Worth the wait though, it sounds amazing.

  • edited October 2017

    Were you weighing it against another synth, or just debating whether to get it at all?

    Cool vid, btw. I didn't realize the DSI stuff could plug straight in.

  • I was debating if it would be too "simple" of a synth for me given how much it costs. The other option I had been weighing was a Novation Peak, but no one around me has had any to check out. In the end I just could't get that sound of the OB-6 out of my head and had to at least try it. I found a good deal for it too, managed to get it for a bit more than $400 off the normal price.

  • Controlling it with the iPad definitely adds a new dimension to it and it sounds great!

  • Seems like the OB6 and midiLFOs are a match made in heaven. Or at least midiLFOs is a simple/cheap way to get around the OB6's single LFO limitation. :) I love using it with my SixTrak and my Juno, both single LFO machines.

  • The xmod section on th OB6 gives you another ployphonic LFO, so it’s not too bad.

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