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I am starting a new series called Back to Basics where I go over some essential iOS apps for new comers or just a refresher.

I also demo the 808 Science Kit IAP inside of Beatmaker 3


  • 808 Science Macros Explained

    Xynthesizr Random Notes Custom Area with Soft Drummer

  • Really nice stuff on the Xynth there Mister...

  • @gmslayton said:
    808 Science Macros Explained

    Xynthesizr Random Notes Custom Area with Soft Drummer

    Speaking of Macros.

    Even though I have knobs mapped to macros, sometimes they don't work.

    Have that issue or is there a just reason for this?

  • @RUST( i )K so if you are meaning that the physical controls doesn't seem to always work, I have an explanation. Seems the controls are in pickup mode, meaning the software/macro control will not respond to the physical knob or fader until it matches its current value.

    I was getting really frustrated with BM3 and my Arturia Minilab the other day when this was happening. I had the minilab in my backpack for a few days and I was hoping I had not damaged it. After diving in deep and looking at the problem I figured out it was because I needed to turn the knobs until they reached the value of the assigned macro. The it would work perfectly.

    I should do a quick tip video on this. Might save some frustrations for other people.

  • Doesn't the Arturia Minilab have endless encoders so there is no need for pickup?

  • @noisefan yes it does but BM3 seems to treat everything the same.

  • I think I like "Red Skull Lullaby" better! lol ;)

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    I really like the videos where you show these cool tricks and various ways to use what most of us already have, like the interesting feedback loops, etc. This is your niche man! Thanks!

  • @skiphunt For some reason I always read Skull instead of sky. LOL. Also Thanks for the compliment and I do feel I have a knack for that kind of stuff. I hope to continue to grow and get better at being more consistent with posting video content.

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