OT: great songwriting podcast

For those of you who enjoy podcasts, maybe give a listen to the Sodajerker podcast:


The interviewers are funny, thoughtful and informed.

The latest interview with Gary Numan is interesting, honest and humble. He has some surprising thoughts ( to me) on analog vs. digital synths.

The Colin Hay interview was also fantastic. Such a talent.


  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you!

  • Man this Gary Numan episode is gold. Couldn’t agree more on the analog v digital argument.

  • Great share, thx!

  • Ooh, very nice. Thank you :)

  • Just listened to the Glenn Tilbrook (from Squeeze) one, he mentioned a couple of times that he's into the iPad music scene, said there were "a lot of great apps" but didn't go into specifics, I think he was quite keen to talk about it some more but the hosts weren't interested in pursuing that line of questioning.

  • @TrustButVerify said:
    The Colin Hay interview was also fantastic. Such a talent.

    Thanks, I'll check it out. I didn't recognize the name, and I wouldn't have recognized his face from that picture. He looks like a character from a Guy Ritchie movie. :smiley:

  • I'm gonna check out the Gary Numan one later, thanks for the tip!

    UBK Happy Funtime Hour and Sonic Talk are both amazing podcasts. If you haven't heard these you have hundreds of hours of quality entertainment ahead.

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