PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

iOS11 Battery and Other Survival Tips



  • I bumped this thread once again to help new comers get the best out their iPads. I’ve done many of the suggestions in this thread and my Air 1 got new breath of air.

    Ever since IOS 11 Siri really got embedded in background and many apps got affected which has caused cpu spikes all over the place. Disable that Siri junk and you’ll see the difference.

    Remember to lock up all settings changes in Restrictions inside iPad Settings . If you don’t, tlSiri and background stuff will creep on again and again.

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    Guys to ensure your changes you make in IOS Settings like for background services, or changes to other stuff stick even after OS updates,
    Go to Settings-restrictions and enable it. Once in there you can enable/disable and lock in stuff so it won’t change, like backgrstuff. This has completely allowed me to get the most cpu juicy from my lowly 2017 9.7” iPAD.

    Also Everytime you install a new app, the Siri junk gets enabled in settings for that app. Remember to go and disable any and all Siri junk! This is huge as Siri would be in the background stealing precious CPU cycles. And this could perhaps be the main reason people are experiencing crackles or Audio hiccups. I do t experience these, so I keep mindful to do the above stated maintenance.

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    @MusicMan4Christ thanks for bumping, now I faved it. :)

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