Can audiobus block program change information?

i am using a Roland ax7. I cannot find a setting that blocks Transmitting program changing info. This makes sense because it is a midi controller but if I accidentally hit the wrong button it goes all the way through audiobus into my softsynth and changes the sounds.


  • Apologies for the delay, @Jamkeys - No, I'm afraid this isn't possible yet, but I'll keep it in mind.

  • You can use Midiflow alongside Audiobus. Midiflow can filter out program change. I looked through all the midiflow effects adapters and none can filter out cc. That would be a very useful feature for Mr. Doerr to consider in future releases of MF Channels

  • I think the 'MIDI Check' app will also block/filter CC as you wish.

  • Great thanks!

    @Vaultnaemsae said:
    I think the 'MIDI Check' app will also block/filter CC as you wish.

  • Thanks, guys!

  • There will be an app for that, soon :)

  • I should have saved my cash for Midiflow :(

  • My apologies, it seems the MIDI check app is only for diagnostics.

  • No worries bro, my appholism got the best of me :D

  • @JohannesD said:
    There will be an app for that, soon :)

    A midi ‘gatekeeper’? Or a cc filter?

    As there are so many possible connections whenever a few apps are open, I’ve been hoping for a midi control base that nothing can get around. It could save everybody hours of troubleshooting. A midi hub where you can make (or block) connections between everything (hardware, apps, bluetooth/network stuff etc.) and filter what gets through the pathways that remain open if you so choose - apply effects, remap controls etc. A master control to override everything else.

    I was hoping that AB3 might be capable.

    Is this beyond Midiflow’s current capabilities? (How about MidiFire?) I get that you can connect everything, and manage your setups easily, and that there’s great versatility within the connections you’ve made. It’s the blocking everything else part that I wonder about. Maybe this requires a deeper level of access to the operating system than app developers are privy to? I don’t know how it works. I don’t know if it’s possible for an app to do this, or a reasonable thing to hope for, but it’s what I want.

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