Soft Drummer recording a loop in sync ?

Does anyone have a method of recording a loop from Soft Drummer in sync without having to manually trim afterwards ?

Into Cubasis it almost syncs when you hit record, but seems to miss the first few bars.

Audioshare doesn't automatically start Soft Drummer (so you have to trim the recording)

Multitrack DAW seems to set the tempo in Soft Drummer, but doesn't start it when recording.

Garageband does seem to work - but its a one way trip into GB with no easy way to copy the audio loop elsewhere.

I've searched for similar threads on the Lumbeat apps, RDM, Funk Drummer etc. and found others with a similar query, but no obvious solutions... audiocopy out of Soft Drummer would be ideal.

Soft Drummer makes some great sounding natural loops - which I'd simply like to grab and paste end to end into Cubasis etc.



  • Use AUM with Link enabled. You still have to trim the end of the loop (it's easy in Audioshre with "Snap to beats" enabled), but the start will be correct and easy to line up in your DAW.

  • thanks for the quick response... I was rather hoping not to have to buy another app to achieve this, if possible ... I also have Auria Pro, and recently grabbed Samplebot, hoping it might be able to record from non-hardware sources...

  • Does it show up as a IAA in Cubasis I’m not seeing it ?

  • Yes it does show in Cubasis as an IAA source, but doesn't quite sync when hitting record, seems to miss a few beats initially

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    In Auria you can go into the settings and make sure that Auria is sending out the MIDI clock (it's not on by default). Then you might have better luck, especially if it's just a few bars.

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    In Cubasis, Under settings, metronome what do you have the precount set to?

    Is this the same number as the missing bars?

    If so try setting it to zero.

  • With both Auria and Cubasis you can punch record

  • doesn't soft drummer have audio export, it's a drum app after all?

  • Has anyone found a secret to get SoftDrummer to start at the right time when synced with other apps? I am finding that depending on the app I am synching with and the type of sync that SoftDrummer starts either 1 beat or 1 measure late.

    For example, if I use Ableton Link with start/stop and record into Group the Loop, SoftDrummer starts 4 beats late (Count is off in SoftDrummer).

    In Cubasis, using IAA or in AUM, SoftDrummer starts one beat late.

    I feel,like there must be a way to get this working as I don’t see it widely reported as an issue.

  • It works perfectly when starting off of iBassist. I think it has something to do with the phase or something like that. Also because not all apps have latest version of Ableton Link V3.

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