Poison-202 MIDI CC List

I couldn’t find a list of the default CCs in Poison-202, so I did it myself. I’m leaving it here for posterity.
Of course you can customize (learn) any knob by triple tapping on it, but it’s nice to know what’s already set up.

5 Portamento
7 Volume
8 Oscillator balance
70 Cross Mod
71 Filter cutoff
72 TVA Release
73 TVA Attack
74 Filter Resonance
75 TVA Decay
76 LFO 1 Rate
77 LFO 1 > Pitch
78 LFO 1 Fade
91 Reverb Level
92 Distortion/Crusher Level
93 Chorus/Flanger Level
94 Delay/Panning Level

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