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So... how old are we all here?

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I would guess (due to a lot of references about the golden age of synths among other things) that a lot of us here are older? I'm in my early forties myself.

I get the feeling that like me, perhaps you grew up dreaming of being able to afford all that beautiful gear, while getting by with some crap 4-track recorder, a guitar, and some budget synth / drum machine.

Maybe that's why these apps are so awesome for us, it's a dirt cheap way to get our hands on what was once an unreachable fantasy. I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like there are many younger people here; teenagers with a real interest in making music. Its a shame really, they don't know how good they have it. Or maybe they are all on some other forum for Supa Gangsta Auto-Beatz Cr34t0r or something.



  • Early 40s here also. Wasn't into synths really at all - but guitar yes. Then got a Mac in 1998 and Rebirth software and went from there. Got out of music from about 2005-2011 and then felt like getting back to it. Was going to get a music laptop but got an iPad for Xmas and loved making music on just that. Loved it ever since.

  • Wow..I really feel ancient now...I will be 50 in December...

  • I will be 58 in December, but I feel younger hanging around you guys.

  • Gonna be 54 in November and still am in Love with music!

  • Started my 40's :)

    I'm one of the Commodore 64 and Amiga music tracker users.
    4 tracks, stereo music.
    I was dreaming every night on a shiny synth with lots of buttons and knobs.

    @busker iPad is way better than my dreams :)

  • I'm 27. I no longer know whether that makes me young or 'older' :P

  • I think you're right about our demographics, need some young blood.

    Me, I'll be 66 come November.

    Did a paper design for a serial stomp box controller for a buddy who wanted the get the clutter off the stage in 1982. Did not follow up.

    Discovered jamming around the same time (I was a classical nerd prior). Then in 1983 got an Atari 800 which had MIDI I/O, visited the nascent Electronic Arts in Santa Monica to get a FORTH system to drive it. Over the 80's after that I built up a serious MIDI studio, jammed every Friday with a bunch of friends, worked on demos with some bands, ended co-founding a start-up (Lone Wolf) to fix the poor state of the art in MIDI management of the time.

    Time passed, focus shifted, moved to Seattle, jamming stopped, wife wanted more space with less wires, started selling off the gear (even just gave away the Juno 60 + MIDI DCB interface!).

    iOS music has rekindled the fire for me. Thank you all. And if you're ever in Seattle come jam with me.

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    Hmm, so far it seems you folks are confirming my suspicion. I guess the desire to be a rock star simply isn't in vogue these days. Kind of sad in a way. I wonder what teenagers these days aspire to be... Youtube celebrities maybe?

    @Shay I miss my Amiga... but the iPad is certainly an amazing thing, even if it is a ubiquitous piece of commodity technology to most.

    @dwarman Ha, it's funny to remember that EA used to make software other than games; I used to have copies of Deluxe Paint and Deluxe Music.

  • 25 as of the 5th of October

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    I'm 34 (soon 35)... but i started making music myself first time in my life about 2 and a half years ago (with NanoStudio, ThumbJam and my iPhone 4). So i was a musician virgin ;) Perhaps it its also not so bad because now i play live on my small iPhone like others their violin or piano :D However, exploring all things made me happy and get me trough some darkness in my life. I love now making music and can't live without it anymore! .... today my iPhone 5s will arrive.... yay, new workstation!
    I also learned a lot from all you experienced guys, so thank you a lot!

  • Yep, this passion began in the 70's for me. I'm clinging on to 48 with the big 50 starting to appear on the horizon :-)

  • 32 I think? I really stopped counting back at 28-29 somewhere. It's just a number anyways. At least that's what I'm gonna keep telling myself until my balls start sagging.

  • grumpy old man status here......66

  • @JMSexton Hmm, maybe there is hope after all?

    @Galaxyexplorer cool, that's exactly the kind of story that I would hope to hear... these mass-market devices putting the joy of making music into all sorts of people's hands. Have fun with your new toy :)

  • @busker: What teenagers aspire to be....
    Drunken most time or the next David Guetta ;) But i really wish i had this tools 20 years ago. I also think Apple "toys" may be too expensive for teenagers. My time was all the techno and electronic stuff born in the 90' (like U96 etc.) I always loved also classic and cinematic music. But all the desktop tools or hardware was to expensive so i never get something out of my head.... but i hope i still have many years now :) What will we have for tools in 5-10 years?

  • How old is the moon :)

  • 55 Here... Went thru the music program all thru school (percussion). They had a synth I played with every chance I could. Joined a rock & roll band that never left the basement. Graduated, quit the band, got a haircut and a job all in 1 day. Gave my mom a heart attack! LOL... Left music behind and got some Amigas & video toasters and made video for years. Got a iPad right when they came out and NanoStudio and started playing around. Still playing! Someday hope to create a live video installation using my music. Who knows, might happen before the old folks home!

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    @FrankieJay: About 4,5 billion years ;)

  • Golden oldie here at 69. After school had small chart success in acoustic folk group playing guitar in 60s before family pressure put a stop to that. Lifetime spent playing for leisure with friends/relations. Now, no-one locally to jam with. So, advent of iPad/jamup/Cubasis and various drum machines/backing tracks has rekindled interest as has this brilliant forum so full of talented people. Still, not the same as playing and making music with real people in real time, though.

  • 36 in a few days (happy b'day @JMSexton!)

    I don't believe that teenagers are not interested in being rock stars. They were pretty happy to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band a few years ago. I think they're all playing Smule apps now. I also think they might be enjoying playing music apps but not poke their face on places like this if all they see is us senior citizens around :) Maybe this forum needs to be on tumblr or vine or something.

  • 48 this year. I am happy, there are some younger folk here, as well, though it's nice to find all the people from different generations, including mine, which makes me feel less alone, and less weird in my everlasting mood to play around with these great tools. And yes, I would have wished for these kind of possibilities 20 years ago, very very much... .

  • Seb,we need a name change...

    Audio mobility scooter..


    Happy bd Jarrett

  • 52 last time I checked but my Dj son who has turned me into a grandfather twice,has an Ipad and
    MacBook Pro and says he wants to make music but hasn't got the time.

  • Like GalaxyExplorer, I'm 34 (soon 35). A long time ago, I always liked making "scratching" noises with an old guitar for relaxing myself. And then, 1.5 years ago, I got the iPad... and I became a dilettante :-).
    Anyway, I hope to graduate one day from "random noises stored in Audioshare" to "baby steps with minimal ratings on Soundcloud". Little by little.

  • I'm 42!
    But i look like im 32!
    And i have the physical strength of a 22 year old.
    And sadly, most of the time i act like im 12.

  • @commonstookie Heh, or perhaps we could think of it more as a chartered bus tour, taking us to all the wonderful places we wished we could visit in our youth...

  • Hi seniors! ;)

    I'm 32, but started quite early with music, technology and computers, so I recognize the history you describe.

    My first computer was a C64, which was also where I started to learn programming! I dreamt of making a super flexible SID synth software for the C64, but never got to it. (Now I have 4 SID chips in a box waiting for hooking up with some microcontroller...)

    Music wise, I started with a 4-track, a couple of delays, some microphones, a guitar and my moms DX7, which is also the first synth I programmed sounds on. I didn't know english so I had to ask my mum to translate the users manual for me :)

    Quite soon after that I realized that MIDI was cool and got some drum machines and more digital synths. Later, I found that the sound I really wanted was the analogue synth sounds! But I couldn't afford them, so I learned electronics and built my own:

    For several years I was all-analogue, even recorded on reel-to-reel tape. Then I got bored and got into computer music and DSP and realized that a computer can do anything if you just got the right algorithms!

    Then came the iOS devices, which is really cool since they had quite some CPU and a nice touch screen, a perfect platform for digital instruments and interesting sound applications.

  • @j_liljedahl: You're the audio MacGyver ;) I had a Commodore C16 plus 4 with tape.
    Off topic question: I ask every few month different developers to see if there is a movement so i ask also you... if there is a chance that you make something for android in the near future. I ask this because i get a bit tired of apples restrictions and file management etc. I would like to change in the future but without good audio apps (hardware is there, especially my needed ram and up to 24bit192khz audio outputs on the newest devices). Most seems not interested in this OS (but some do).

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    38.And 20 years of DJing and making (electronic)music.Living in berlin.

  • I had a similar curiosity about this. Thanks for starting the thread @busker.

    Blast from the past to hear a few mention Commodore. I had the 128 and the Amiga. Anyone remember the Dr. T...midi sequencer package? That, plus a Roland JX-8P were my first foray into electronic music.

    I'm in Atlanta, as an empty nester, with my wife. Both sons moved out this year. Now I've decided to try to get back into music, after putting it on the back burner while raising my sons.

    I thought I had a problem collecting all the music apps and toys at my age ;-)

    A few surprises with some of the ages mentioned here,

    Quite the history the @j_liljedahl! I think @Galaxyexplorer nailed it..."Audio MacGyver".

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