which app should I use?

Hi. I'm a new member. I think this is the place to receive the help and advice I need.
I am using iPAD Air2. and an iPad Pro. I am using the iPad Air 2 as a sound module for my live gigs.
I use Korg Module, iMINI, Pocket Organ.

If I want to use other apps for their sounds, which app will allow me to make up a set list using selected sounds from all these different apps into one set list?

Thanks. Any help is much appreciated.



  • Hey Paul
    I never heard of any app that does exactly like your asking. I mean you can have all those apps loaded in Audiobus or AUM as I'm sure you know but I have no clue about the set list part of the question.

  • Maybe AUM and midiflow with somekind of presets and proper midi cc work. As advice I will suggest you to first create the most simplified setup possible and them grow from there. AB3 with midiflow dedicsted plugs could be another solution.
    @j_liljedahl and @Sebastian could bring some light into this.

    As an extra footnote... what you are asking for will be Mainstage for iOS which still is not available. You can find another approaches such BM3 or BH2...

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    Just swap out IMini for something like Korg IOsdessey or I Mono/poly and get the organ preset IAP for Module. Get Gadget and you can use all those instruments in one or more song files. Gadget is very stable and the UI is simple to comprehend, and for the most part midi mappable too.

    Another approach would be to look at Sampletank.

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