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Crash issues after updating to IOS7

edited September 2013 in Support and Feedback


I'm writing you, because I got crash issues when I'm using Audiobus together with FL Studio mobile HD. And after I've updated my Ipad 4 to IOS7 FL Studio (uses as output) doesn't play the recorded sequence but the "waveform" shows up in FL Studio. But sometimes it crashes too...!

-Have some of you experienced that too?
-Is it Audiobus or the IOS7 which causes the issue?

Kind regard utopia


  • Whenever an app crashes it's usually a bug in the app itself. Considering the many changes in iOS 7 it's probable that one of them is the cause for this. You should contact the FL makers and explain in detail when it crashes and how.

    All the best,


    PS: Please contact us via if you want a faster response next time.

  • Hello,

    Thx so much for ur fast reply, it was great.

    Instead of using Fl Studio Mobile as a audiorecoder, I bought Multitrack Daw, and it works better. :-) So it solves My problem for now.

    Kind regards Utopia

  • I have just tested this too with Addictive Synth in the Input slot and FL Studio in the Output slot.

    FL Studio shows the waveform but does not play it when recorded.

    Putting something in the FX slot but not launching it causes FL Studio to crash.

    Launching it (I tried Echo Pad in the FX slot) does allow the FL studio to produce output without crashing.

    Kind regards

    Derek Jones
    Owner: MusicInclusive LLC

  • It would probably be much more effective if you posted this in the Image-Line FL Mobile forum.

    Everything is working perfectly normal with FL Mobile and Audiobus for me using iPhone 4S and iPad2. Are the versions up to date with both programs?

    Maybe check the the microphone settings under Privacy to be sure the microphone is enabled for FL Mobile. I mistakenly clicked No when iOS popped up a dialog asking whether I wanted to enable microphone access. That stopped a few things from working as expected, but may not be your issue.

    FL Mobile is one of the few music apps I have that hasn't had an update since iOS 7 launched. Maybe they've missed something. But if everything is working fine for them like it is for me, maybe they won't know there are issues until someone reports them.

  • Hi Wim,

    Yes, FL Studio has the mic enabled - I did that for every audio app as I installed it fresh on a clean install of iOS 7 over a iOS 6 install out of the box. The iPad was purchased specifically for doing tests like this in guinea pig mode so as not to mess up any working iOS 6 installs in the studio.

    BTW: Just added Cube Synth and Arctic ProSynth too to the list :-) but haven't tested those in Audiobus yet.

    I'll also take a look at the FL Mobile forum you mentioned. Thx.

    Kind regards

    Derek Jones Owner: MusicInclusive LLC

  • wimwim
    edited October 2013

    Someone over in the FLM forum clarified the problem and now I understand. If you start recording from within FLM and then switch to your other app then you can hear everything, but if you start recording in FLM from the other app via the REC button in the AudioBus tab, you can't hear the FLM playback.

    Apparently there is an upgrade using the new AudioBus SDK coming real soon. It isn't clear if the Dev's have actually tested whether this particular issue is fixed or not, though.

  • A later post by the Dev's indicates it's fixed in the FLM2.2 update due "very soon."

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