Something’s Wrong With Audiobus3! (iOS11)

When I boot up my regular AB3 patch, The ‘side scrolling speed’ in AB3 drops to 2-3 frames per second (other animations continue as normal). It takes a long time to load up apps and usually switching to AUM or going to the home screen will usually result in switching back to a blank AB3. When another app is in the foreground it functions normally until I return to AB3. Presets take a loooong time to boot (static screen after pressing ‘load’ until it recalls).

Also, Audiobus Remote immediately disconnects when any app besides Audiobus is in the foreground. It reconnects once Audiobus comes back into the foreground.

I tried building a very simple ‘built from blank’ config (Loopy->AUM, AUM->Loopy) to see if it was related to the saved file or any individual app, and although it wasn’t ‘as’ fucked, it just gave me variations on the same theme.

Anybody else have any similar problems? I still need to try it out in a few other configurations (swap AB3 & ABR to opposite devices & try without audio interface plugged in as a start).

Air2, Mini4, iOS11, iCA4+


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    Screen Record it and maybe email it to audiobus support (its accessible thru -> ? (At the top next to settings) -> support and feedback or something similar

  • This is a pretty old thread; I've already addressed the main issues here, and am investigating the Remote connectivity stuff.

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    Yeah the interface lag was fixed within a few days. That update helped out the AB:R stuff but didn’t completely solve the intermittent disconnections. I’ve not had time to use my electronic music equipment recently so can’t comment on what the status is today.

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