Suggested feature for audiobus 3

@Sebastian I was thinking it would be pretty great to have a RAM purge button inside audiobus 3. A lot of battery/cpu/ram monitor apps have one and it seems to help when everything starts to lag a bit. I've heard that pressing power and then holding the home button on the power down screen also flushes the RAM but other people say that's just a home button calibration. Either way it seems like a feature that would be useful for ios musicians, especially when some apps don't seem to fully close and hog ram resources.

Memory purge option
  1. Do you want to see a Ram/process purge added to audiobus2 votes
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  • I kind of assumed that the Reset Audio Session button did this. If not, and a RAM purge actually helps, +1!

  • Oh maybe you're right. I could be way off on this as well since I'm not sure how memory allocation works on the ios with music apps but it's (power off screen+home button) seemed to help when things got bogged down

  • Hey @Panthemusicalgoat - I'll keep it in mind =)

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    Yea actually I was thinking at the top of this thread that it doesn't really agree with Audiobus's workflow, but it would make perfect sense if the new session button could clear out all memory entirely and get rid of the necessity for that 'soft reboot' manoeuvre. No idea if it's possible.

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    Notice that memory purge apps help with lagging (after opening and closing several apps) but doesn't seem to reset and close background apps the way a power off screen + hold home does. Not sure if there's a software way to accomplish this

  • Not sure if memory purge power-home combo is the same as a memory refresh like this app appearently is supposed to perform.

  • Is there an app for memory purging?


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    Appearently if it's the same thing. They purge but offer an IAP for $0.99 that deep purges 125%. WTF. Seems like some silly IAP but at least it's possible thru the software end instead of using the home button

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