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Stands & Mounts

Up till now, I've just used my iPad on a desk -- or resting on my knee... or the floor, even. But if you start putting in long hours at a desk, your back can start to hurt -- plus having proper ergonomics can affect your performance. If you're trying to nail a difficult run in like GeoShred, having the right angle can make all the difference. If the iPad has become a proper musical instrument (and GeoSherd has sealed the deal for me), the time comes when you need a better way to play it.

I was trying various options, then I noticed this heavy duty music stand that was in the corner of my studio gathering dust (literally). Turned out to be the perfect solution. It's fully height and angle adjustable, and very stable and not wobbly. I added some layers of foam and a towel to get better height and keep it from sliding around on the metal surface. Then the crucial addition was this Kensington wrist rest (office supply) that I happened to have, which gives me the perfect wrist angle and prevents the metal lip of the music stand from digging into my wrist.

All this led me to wonder what other solutions the community may have come up with in terms of a stand or mount when using our devices for music in the studio or on stage. Seemed like an interesting topic for discussion. What are you guys using?

Here's a shot of my current solution.


  • I have this one in black and it does a great job. The mount swivels to all sorts of angles, both vertically and horizontally, but it takes some force to move it. Meaning, if you're really going to town and tapping / sliding away on your iPad, the mount doesn't move around. Plus the base is a solid 3 pounds which keeps the whole thing steady. Its also high enough to comfortably fit a controller below it. It's a bit on the expensive side I suppose, but well worth it IMO.

    I was using it when I recorded this business if you want to see it "in action."

  • I was thinking about the heavy duty music stands, as ipad stand. The steel has the added benefit of the magnetic covers sticking to it, so the iPad won't scoot around. I bet some magnets on the back would work if you don't use a magnetic cover.

    I was imagining going to town modifying it, with a grinder, and cutting down the size, and reforming the edge, by bending it 90°, so it has some strength. Also cutting the lip down. @Lady_App_titude the wrist rest is a nice addition.

  • Mine generally sit on my keyboard. There's a big blank space. I had a little bit of Velcro on my last keyboard that I attached to a cheap case. Don't really need it with my current set up but that worked well for playing outside my basement.

    IKEA also sells the little blue stands in the photo for dirt cheap. I use that occasionally.

  • I've tried a number of different ways to prop up my iPad on my desk. Best solution has been buying a pack of wood pieces for crafting, then building my own custom one. Main thing for me was wanting to get the right angles, and I built it with two different ones for different situations.

  • @Lady_App_titude said:
    What are you guys using?


    Comes with the mounting arm and an iPAD sleeve of your choosing. If you change to a different iPAD model, you just buy another sleeve to suit.

    My intention was to mount on a mic stand where you would normally have the mic holder, but I found some clamps that are used in photography that allows the holder to be positioned on any part of a stand

    045.jpg 898.6K
    046.jpg 983.2K
  • Similar for me. I have as much as possible attached to a microphone stand with iklips. Love this setup with midi on one (modstep) ipad and audio on the other (aum, au stuff and AP) connected via bluetooth.

  • @chris_foster said:

    @Lady_App_titude said:
    What are you guys using?


    I have a few bits of this Joy Factory stuff and all satisfactory.

  • @Richtowns said:
    Similar for me. I have as much as possible attached to a microphone stand with iklips. Love this setup with midi on one (modstep) ipad and audio on the other (aum, au stuff and AP) connected via bluetooth.

    Nice. So that's like a regular boom mic stand with two IK iKlips on each end?

    Thing is, with GeoShred, I need more than just viewing and occasionally tapping. When the screen becomes your actual keyboard, or fretboard, proper playing angle and stability become crucial. Seems like a boom stand might flop around too much.

  • König & Meyer do have a lot of different stands for all iPads: but maybe you find something interesting with KVgear also:

  • For Geoshred, I noted that Jordan Rudess lays it almost flat, just a bit of a tilt, and thats where I find it works really well. Unfortunately, that's not how most iPad stands work. I have an iKlip as well, for when I'm reading music or using it to record, and that works great on the mic stand. But sure wouldn't work when playing an instrument on the device.

  • edited September 2017

    @Lady_App_titude Yes, boom mic with iKlips on each end. Its great but wouldnt (edit) work if your drumming kicks or hats but its fine for entering notes. FWIW Today my 'idea setup' using bluetooth seems riddled with latency so Ive changed my mind about BTLE being a great solution. I love working with two ipads like this though so I have to look for another midi link technique.

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