My Collection Of Beatmaker 3 Tutorials

Just a heads-up if anyone is interested in some random / creative / super-geeky video tutorials on Beatmaker 3...

I'm up to 12 BM3 videos now:

Dean Daughters (Electronisounds)


  • hell yes.
    I was enjoying your recent video on the Behringer cable. Thanks for this.

  • Awesome. Just what I'm looking for. Love that app so much.

  • Agreed.. this is what we mere mortals need....

  • Yep sign me up. BM3 is my new app of choice.

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    Yearly wipeout.

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    Thanks for the support :)

    I am indeed putting a lot time into making videos lately.

    I have pretty bad Tinnitus and I'm recovering still from a major ear surgery I had a few weeks ago to repair a tiny hole in my right ear drum (unrelated to the Tinnitus). I can't really hear out of my right ear still as it has medical packing material holding my ear drum together as it heals.

    So while i've not been doing anything in here very loudly, putting my energy into making these videos has been a great way to keep me occupied and not focusing on my ear as much.

    And YES - the "La Tuna Fire" in the canyon where I live was beyond scary as hell - it was an EPIC FAIL for me to celebrate escaping the fire so early -- as the fire went on for THREE LONG DAYS after that "celebration live jam" (I just like to JAM - even with one ear ;)

  • Good work @Junebug which only gets better and better with each tutorial and demo. B) <3

  • The Behringer cable one popped up on my feed. Nice work.

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    • Thank you for the kind words, guys :)
  • @Junebug said:

    • Thank you for the kind words, guys :)

    Thank you! We've learned a TON from watching ur shenanigans. Good idea and love ur passion

  • @Junebug may send me back into the pit and for that I thank you. Probably :)

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