How the new MIDI works with cubasis

Hi Everyone.
Just to be sure before buying i would like to understand one thing:

Let's assume i record a midi track in cubasis 2 with a MIDI keyboard. I want this track be played thru another app (let's say Jordantron) which cannot be used as midi intrument in cubasis but can be played using a MIDI keyboard. If set Cubasis as MIDI input, is it possible to use jordantron as instrument and then record an audio track of the "result" inside Cubasis itself? Like this:
input MIDI: cubasis midi track -> jordantron -> output audio: cubasis audio track

(how can i actually assign the midi track to the input and ANOTHER track on the output?)

Thank you, i hope it is clear what i meant :neutral:


  • Hey @ghiekorg - Hmm, I think this might be one to ask on the Cubasis forum, where the Steinberg guys can respond directly. I haven't tried this workflow myself, and given that no one else has chimed in here, I suspect no one else has either =)

    It's certainly technically possible with Audiobus, but it's entirely dependent on whether it's implemented within Cubasis.

  • If you want to play the keyboard live, send the MIDI to Jordantron directly and load Jodantron in an audio track in Cubasis to record the audio ouput.

    If you want to record the MIDI first, load your KB as the MIDI input on a MIDI track in Cubasis using any instrument (such as the default piano). Record your MIDI track,and edit if your need to. Once you have your track ready, you can either set the MIDI track to "no instrument," or just turn it down in the mixer. Then send the MIDI ouput from Cubasis to Jordantron. Load Jordantron as a audio track in Cubasis and record the audio ouput.

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