LayR - midi learn problems

Hi I've only just downloaded Layr yesterday and today I have been trying to setup midi learn from my Xstation keyboard with decidedly mixed results.
The app is seeing the last control I touched eg 74 filter cutoff, and a little blue dot appears to show it has been assigned, but turning the Xstation knob has no effect on the onscreen control even if I try different ranges in the 0-127 setting .
The volume control,cc7, from the Xstation is working properly.
This problem is apparent with the presets that @Brice has made.
With some of the other presets the assignment is working correctly, but I can't work out what is going on when the controls don't respond in some layers.
It seems I'm missing something fundamental here.
Can anyone shine a light?


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  • Could be a couple of things...

    Wrong MIDI channel? That's too obvious I know ;)
    Is "MIDI Controller Pickup Mode" enabled in the settings?
    If it is try turning it off. ( and let me know if it works ).

    Other than that, please export the preset to iCloud Drive, zip it up and attach it to a reply here, I'll take a look at it and see if I can spot anything wrong. I've recently had one other report of a similar issue but so far testing here is showing MIDI controllers working correctly but I'm not ruling out a bug somewhere.

  • @LivingMemorySoftware

    Thanks for your reply.
    I've just been testing midi learn with my Beatstep and it seems a bit hit and miss as to whether it fully engages /works or not .
    I tried Pickup mode on and off but that had no effect.
    Some presets are fine and some not.
    It may be user error , I will spend more time with it. I am still trying to get my head around the left part of that panel which assigns whether other layers are affected by the controller and whether that needs to be enabled for the first layer. At one point I turned one of those on and off and the control started working, but could not replicate that.

    Also , I notice that eg Filter cutoff and mod amount are two controllers in one and yellow. Plus there are the range parameters.
    Very comprehensive, and one of the more complex midi learn setups I have encountered.
    As I say I will keep at it, it's a great synth and I really want to be able to fully control it remotely of course.
    I don't really do iCloud or such and try and avoid iTunes like the plague so , as I say, not all but some of the presets by @Brice are some that I've had difficulty in assigning controllers to. Also problematic in the other preset folders.

  • Is anyone else experiencing difficulty in mapping external midi controllers to LayR (midi learn) ?

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