I have just purchased AB3 but I was not able to hear any sound with Audioshare as output. With AB2 it works fine. Is there some settings I have missed with AB3. Ipad Pro 12.9. 2017. Thanks


  • I have the first iPad Pro 12,9 and everything works fine.
    Wasn't it some quirks with the new one? iOS 11 is around the corner, maybe it will fix the problem.

    But go through all your settings and check if something important is turned off.

  • Hey man, I tried it just to check if it really worked on my iPad, and there was no sound.

    WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IS: Open AudioShare when it is connected to AB3, and everything is set up.
    Down in the left corner of your screen, there is a microphone icon (in AudioShare)
    Press it, and you get the _input monito_r up. Select MONITOR ON and you will have the sound back.

    Mind you, if you do this when it's not connected to an instrument, you activate the microphone. FEEDBACK will blow your ears away :smile:

  • Thanks! I have turned the monitor output to on and it works fine now. COOL. Before deleting AB2 I have to check if if there is no problem with Studiomux...

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